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The methods of advertising and promoting products and services have changed a lot, thanks to innovative technologies. Just having a good printing machine or the best graphic designing software is not enough. The person using the program needs to have a creative mind in order to come up with eye catching advertisements. 

The world of advertising and marketing of products is ever-evolving and this is something to bear in mind when setting up a new business. In addition to printing literature and advertising posters for promotional value you may also consider direct marketing using telemarketing services to market your products or services in an efficient way.

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How it all started

Johannes Gutenberg, the pioneer of printing might have never thought in his wildest dreams about how his invention, the humble printing press, would evolve in the future. In the good old days, the only way to get a poster printed was through the humble letterpress. Individual characters, cast in lead, were arranged on a template and then the same was used to print brochures, promotional campaigns, and much more. This was an extremely time consuming process as each character had to me manually arranged by the typographer. Once this process was over, an ink coated roller was passed over the type following which a paper was put on top of it and a squeegee passed over it to transfer the ink from the typeface to the paper. Edits, if any, were carried out at this stage and then the final layout printed one sheet at a time. Even changing the size or style of the type meant that the entire matter had to be composed again.

Offset machines speed up the process

The introduction of hot casting machines like Linotype and Monotype made things easier for the composer. However, the printing process remained the same. The introduction of the rotogravure and later on the offset machine along with digital phototypesetting machine changed the scene. Now it was possible to compose and edit text and graphics much faster. With the help of electronic composing machines, compositors could change typefaces or increasedecrease font sizes with just a few commands and in just a few seconds. A single qualified operator could mix type and graphics and create stunning promotional campaigns, which would be later printed on high speed offset machines that had the capacity to print thousands of pages per hour.

Disadvantages of distribution via traditional mail

However, the printed advertisement material had to be posted manually through regular post. Sending the proof of a campaign poster to an overseas client, even via airmail, took a minimum of three days. The same amount of time was spent in receiving the edited matter, carrying out the edits, printing the posters and mailing it to the client. Individual posters would then be stuffed on separate envelopes, postage stamps and address labels affixed on them following which the envelopes were posted.

The internet is the best solution

The advent of the internet has changed the concept of designing and advertising. Teams of artists and content writers from different parts of the globe collaborate with each other to create an advertising campaign in record time. It is now possible, to spread your message across the world in just a few hours with the help of specialists like a1 poster printing. Online marketing too has changed quite a lot since its inception. Nowadays, additional possibilities like online video campaigns, social media marketing, targeted advertising etc. makes it possible for advertisers to promote their products and services to interested clients. A properly designed website, optimized for search engines, can boost your business in just a few days... a task that took several months a couple of decades ago.